The most beautiful gypsy guitars from Europe.

The history of (gypsy) jazz guitars is rich with beautiful designs, stories, and craftmanship. Each guitar is unique and speaks to you in it’s own way. Our goal is to make these instruments available to everyone who is interested in owning one of these pieces of art someday.
If you are a musician looking for the One perfect guitar, or you just love the whole legacy which these luthiers left us with; you’ve come to the right place!

Our vision

What’s a good word for a positive obsession? Well, that’s how we would describe our feelings for the legacy which Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli left us with. Ever since we first heard their music, more than 10 years ago, we’ve been dedicated to playing this music.
Through the years we’ve developed a deep appreciation for the music, as well as the details surrounding it. The Gypsy people, their musical-cultural heritage, and of course, the beauty of well crafted-instruments.

We’ve discovered why the big names from the past: Selmer, Maccaferri, Favino, Busato, Castellucia, Di Mauro etc. were considered masters in their time, and more so today.
We also strongly believe that a musician influenced by his instrument. A good instrument will inspire you and help you unlock certain palettes of “color” your playing, while a bad instrument can hold you back, restraining the creative expression you put into your playing. That’s why you should always keep your eyes (and ears) open for other instruments. We would love to help other musicians find the guitar that brings the best out of their music.

We also strongly believe that Gypsy Jazz is an important part of our (Northern European) cultural heritage. We have a responsibility to pass this music on to future generations. The aim of this site is to build a community, bring awareness, spread knowledge, and stimulate musicians in developing their artistry; all while searching for that special instrument.

The team

Tessa Spaaij

At the age of 17 Tessa started playing the guitar. It would only take half a year before she discovered the music of Django Reinhardt. In that same period of time, the movie “Swing” with Tchavolo Schmitt crossed her path and a passion kindled.
Besides being a guitarist, she is also a professional photographer. Ever since she finished Art Academy she’s been working as a freelancer for different corporations. Her entrepreneurial and photography skills make her a great asset to this team.

Lex Reerink

Being the son of a guitar-teacher it is remarkable that Lex picked up guitar playing at the late age of 17. Together with Tessa, his passion for this music began after hearing Django Reinhardt, and seeing the movie “Swing”.
As well as being a guitarist, Lex studied Web design and Development in addition to Product Design. The passion for music, web and beautifully crafted objects come together in this online platform.