We sell high quality instruments to clients all over the world. Therefore we take shipping very seriously and only use the services of trustworthy providers like DHL and FedEx.

Do you prefer to come and collect the instrument? You are always welcome. Please contact us for an appointment.


Because we work with used goods all sales are officially final within the EU. Meaning that there is no possibility of returning the product.
Nevertheless, within the Netherlands we provide the possibility to test the instrument for three days with the option of returning the instrument.

In case of returns the conditions are:
– The product(s) needs to be returned in the same condition as when it was/where on the moment of purchase. And it needs to be complete with all original assets (i.e. the case)
– No modifications are done.
– The original receipt needs to be included.

If the return meets the conditions above the purchase amount will be returned to your bank account within 14 days.

Outside of the Netherlands all sales are final.


(Almost) all of the instruments we sell are second-hand and have been played by other musicians. The more an instrument is played, the better the sound becomes. But with usage inevitably come traces of usage.
Almost all instruments show some traces of use, i.e. scratches or dents.
We do our very best to give you an honest and accurate impression of the state the instrument is in. That being said it is possible that, despite our efforts, an incomplete or incorrect record can be made. If you have any questions regarding a particular instrument, detailed pictures of wear can be made prior to the customer’s approval of purchase.


When we receive an instrument we have it set up by a luthier. When an instrument needs repairs we advise the owner to have them done before selling it. If the owner decides not to do so, then we will mention the repair suggestions in the description of the instrument.