A beautiful vintage Busato shop instrument is one of the hottest items in the Gypsy Jazz world at the moment, and considerably more affordable than their Selmer counterparts. Often produced without labels, or any form of identification, these instruments were sold to various dealers and music stores to be branded with their own etiquette for resale. The Busato shop is a place of mythological lore, as there is very little information, save a few catalogue numbers here and there to indicate what or how much they produced. This Oblong hole model has all the elements of known Busatos of the same design. The wide very rounded lower bout, soundhole design, headstock shape, and molded arched back indicate as well as any label the provenance of this instrument.

Probably produced in the late 1930’s this guitar features a Cedar top in immaculate condition for it’s age, flamed Maple back and sides and a Mahogany neck.  The short scale 12 fret to the body design produces arguably the most beautiful tone for a guitar, and this one is no exception. 80-90 years of dry aging all of it’s parts into one unit, this guitar has all the best qualities of a vintage instrument. The mellow, clear tone has an underlying ambience of a byegone era. The bass is defined, yet warm, the mids have the 1938 Night and Day tone of Django’s Maccaferri, and the highs have a vocal like richness so often missing from Gypsy guitars. This guitar needs to be played to be experienced, as the character can only be described with worn clichés of caravans under the full moon and smoky Parisian cafes;  the difficulty of which only points to the ineffable quality of this vintage beauty.

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Brand Busato
Model Oblong
Type D-hole
Condition Good
Year ~1930
Origin France
Top Cedar
Back Laminated Maple
Sides Laminated Maple
Neck & headstock Mahogany
Fretboard Ebony

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