The Busato atelier, now surrounded in myth and mystery was, in it’s day, a production workshop. They produced many styles of stringed instruments for companies like Sonora and Paul Beucher, without indicating the origin of production. This guitar has all the elements of a Busato model 43, but with less expensive materials and detailing. The likelihood is that they used exactly the same molds as in the model 43, but shipped it to a dealership where they put their own label in the instrument. The label itself has long vanished, but the structure and tone are something special. The immediate thought one has when playing this guitar is ” the sound is like Tchan Tchou!” This guitar has tons of mojo. The honky mids, the deep yet hollow bass, the biting highs; for those looking for the vintage gypsy tone, look no further.




Luthier Busato
Model 43
Condition Good
Year Circa 1940 – 1950
Origin France
Top Spruce
Back Laminated Maple
Sides Laminated Maple
Neck & headstock Pear
Fretboard Rosewood
Pickups Bigtone
Case Yes

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