A beautiful Cedar top oval hole Castellucia is indeed a rare find; especially one that sounds this good! The bombe and top geometry are perfect, the 3 piece neck has a wide (stained walnut?) middle strip, which is unique to this guitar.  Only the craquelure of the lacquer and a few small dings indicate that this one has been around for nearly 70 years! The guitar is as near to mint as any vintage instrument we’ve seen. There aren’t alot of oval hole Castellucias to compare it to, but the sound is phenomenal. The bass has a Favino like fullness and depth, the mids are very strong giving body to chords and single note lines, the highs are biting and respond to the slightest touch. The crescendo of sound around a high note given vibrato is only found in some of the best vintage gypsy guitars, and this one is replete with this rare quality.  The combination of condition and tone make this a guitar of a lifetime, it’s guaranteed to go fast!

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