Just in, this D hole Castellucia has been painstakingly restored with care to a level beyond it’s initial construction. The condition is now perfect, with a vintage tinted french polish over the crack free top, beautifully arched and grained mahogany back and sides, and a new ebony fret board. The set up and playability are exceptional for a guitar of this age, and beyond that, the sound quality makes it one of the best sounding examples of this model we’ve come across. These D hole Castellucias are common in the gypsy jazz world, as they were the most produced model from the Castellucia workshop; but not every guitar was created equally. Some are quite “dead” or closed sounding, but this one is an absolute cannon! There is no escaping the projection and volume of this particular instrument, making it stand out in any jam session or even around the campfire. However, when played with a touch of restraint, the tone is very clear, with a fullness of character and richness one normally finds in the best gypsy guitars.  This one responds to the lightest touch and sings out for all to hear.

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Brand Castelluccia
Type Oval-hole
Condition Good
Year ~1950/60
Origin France
Top European Spruce
Back Laminated Mahogany
Sides Laminated Mahogany
Neck & headstock Mahogany
Fretboard Ebony

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