This Castellucia is one of the more ornate models produced in the workshop in the 50s. The rope and 2 ply binding, the headstock veneer and wood choices give it a more sophisticated look than many of the surviving Castellucias today.  The top bombe and back mold are both as geometrically stable and pleasing to the eye as they were the day the guitar was finished. The condition is excellent, with a small repaired crack in the upper right bout, some worn off lacquer and age related wear being the only thing setting it apart from a new guitar in terms of structure.  Ger Boonstra, the late Dutch luthier replaced the fingerboard and did a set up on the guitar last May. His adjustments brought a new level of life to the guitar, opening it up in tone and response. The tone is now very reminiscent of Dorado’s Schmitt’s  Castellucia  which he played on the Bireli Lagrene Gypsy Project concert in Vienne.  The bass is warm and defined, the mid range crispy and rich, the highs clear and rounded. The beauty of the tone is  completely in line with the best of Castellucia’s work.

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