The name Castellucia needs no introduction in the world of jazz manouche luthiers, and in testing this early Round hole model, it is easy to see why.  Featherweight and resonant, this guitar has a dry character which only comes from the 60+ years of an instrument aging to become more than the sum of it’s parts.  This model is particularly rare, as a round hole guitar with 14 frets to the body are hard to come by. It’s the best of both worlds; full powerful projection and ease of access to the higher frets for soloing. This is a special instrument. The punchy dry reverb and bite are reminiscent of Tchan Tchou’s  unparalleled sound from his recordings of Les Deux Guitares, Mack the Knife and La Gitane.   The bass is tight, in a full, yet present Busato character. The mids are incredibly clear and direct, with no over coloring of tone, and the highs have the slightly nasal, sharp bounce of La Gitane.

The never ending quest for tone and sound often depends on the set up or how one picks/articulates the mechanics of playing the instrument; some guitars just have the mojo from the second you pick them up. This one instantly transports you to the 1930’s, in the raw, outspoken early Django sound. There is no alternative with this one! Ideal for the budget conscious guitarist who wants the classic tone for little effort.




Brand Castelluccia
Type Round-hole
Condition Good
Year ~1950/60
Origin France
Top European Spruce
Back Laminated Mahogany
Sides Laminated Mahogany
Neck & headstock Mahogany
Fretboard Ebony

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