Django has forever been associated with the infamous Stimer pickup, produced in Paris, along with his Selmer guitar. When you hear a take from Django’s electric period ( starting in 1947), one immediately thinks Stimer, yet some of his most inspired recordings were made with a De Armond.

Django returned from his US tour with Duke Ellington in 1946 with a De Armond which he had purchased during his time there. May 21 1947 Django had a recording session in Brussels on which he used this new De Armond. Among the list of tracks are some of his best electric sides in history : Babik, Del Salle, Duke and Dukie, Porto Cabello, Just one of those things and Songe d’ Automne.

If you are a fan of these sessions and love that 47 electric tone, look no further, as this vintage De Armond is ready to be played!


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