The classic D hole model from Di Mauro, better known as the Boogie Woogie. This particular guitar is a fine example of a D hole model which has an exceptional high end as well as the wash of sound and volume which D holes are known for. There is a story that Django recorded Oriental Shuffle on a Boogie Woogie, and in playing this one, I can see why he did. Powerful projection and old school woof in rhythm playing combined with cutting highs that sound like they were recorded on a 78, this guitar reminds one of why Django played short scale guitars for the first decade of his recorded career.

The arching of the walnut back, comfortable walnut neck and beautifully aged top with inlaid pickguard make this Boogie Woogie one of the more aesthetically pleasing designs in early 20th century luthierie. If you are looking for a versatile instrument with a great vintage sound and vibe, look no further!

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