Di Mauro’s hommage to the master himself, this Model Django guitar is in amazing condition, despite it’s age. A real vintage gem like this one is a rarity.  Stamped with the Dimauro logo on the back of the headstock, the arched mahogany back, spruce top and round sound hole make this guitar stand out in the crowd of oval and D hole models. Tonally the round sound hole combines the best of both worlds, giving extra volume and fullness to the projection as the large mouth models do, but offering enough focus and cutting power of the oval holes.  The short scale ( neck joint at the 12th fret)  lends itself to less string tension, and generally a richer tone, warmer lows and mids; which certainly applies to this guitar, but there is a strong element of bite to the highs that one looks for in a good gypsy instrument.  This guitar is an excellent choice for those who play rhythm in equal amount to lead. The chords are full and barking, and the single note lines clear and bright.  To find these qualities in a guitar of such exceptional condition for it’s age makes this a unique opportunity for a lucky owner.




Brand Di Mauro
Model Django
Type Oval-hole
Condition Good
Year ~ 1940
Origin France
Top Ceder
Back Laminated Mahogany
Sides Laminated Mahogany
Neck & headstock Mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood

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