The Flagship Di Mauro model with oval hole design, the model St Louis Blues stands on it’s own in construction, aesthetics and tone. A good sounding St Louis Blues rivals many of the Castellucias and Favinos in terms of authentic old school mojo.  The model has a short 640 scale 14 fret to the body measurement for easy access to the higher register, a slightly smaller waisted  feminine form, and a nicely arched back in the Franco Italian tradition.  The neck on these guitars is rather thick, but in a comfortable C shape; this particular guitar has a fingerboard which is a bit less wide than normal, leading us to believe it was a custom order.  It makes the play ability considerably easier than some of the other standard production models of the St Louis Blues.

The beautifully aged top, figured walnut back and sides, walnut neck with spline ( a la Busato)  make this a striking vintage instrument.  The tone is dry, in the way that only guitars of these years can sound, the highs, bright and clear with a character that sets it apart from other luthiers’ designs. The bass is full and beefy, with an element of woof that gives a punch to rhythm playing. The mids are present and balanced, and combined with the dry attack, this guitar immediately transports you to the early swing era.




Brand Di Mauro
Model St Louis Blues
Type Oval-hole
Condition Good
Year ~
Origin France
Top Ceder
Back Laminated Maple
Sides Laminated Maple
Neck & headstock Walnut
Fretboard Rosewood

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