Jaques Favino oval holes are one of the most sought after guitars in the world of gypsy jazz. The typical signature model of Favino got famous because of the fuller bass and the punchier highs, this is produced by the larger body size and inner structure. Ever since many luthiers have tried to copy this revolutionary model, yet still the original J. Favino’s stand out in their quality, therefore these guitars have gotten a legendary status.

This exact model is the finest we’ve crossed so far. It reminds us of the famous sound of the “Seresta” album by The Rosenberg Trio. And honestly, what guitarist doesn’t want that sound? This guitar was owned by Belgian musician Coen de Cauter, who got famous together with Fapy Laterin with their group Waso. The guitar was then bought 1983 by the last owner who hardly played it over almost 30 years but always taken great care of it (for instance he kept it in a climate controlled room). This explains the great condition this instrument is in.
This guitar hasn’t emerged since 30 years and therefore is a true find for anyone who is looking for a top of the line classic Favino.

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Brand Jacques Favino
Type Oval-hole
Condition Excellent
Year 1976
Origin France
Top Spruce
Back Laminated Rosewood
Sides Laminated Rosewood
Neck & headstock Birch
Fretboard Rosewood
Case Hardcase

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