This guitar was finished on Valentine’s day 2019, as a tribute to the iconic Joseph Di Mauro Heart hole guitar. It’s a one of a kind Boonstra creation and captures many elements of the vintage tone for such an young instrument.

It features a solid fine grained Spruce top, a beautifully figured Bocote fingerboard, a 3 piece flamed Maple neck with Snakewood spline in the Busato style, stunning Bird’s Eye Maple back and sides, Boonstra replica HSC tuners, and Ger’s custom designed tailpiece.  This is one of the most beautiful guitars Ger produced, and a unique instrument.

The sound can only be described as vintage; this doesn’t sound like a brand new guitar. First and foremost, this is a cannon of an instrument. The projection fills a room and hearing yourself in a jam or outdoor situation will not be an issue. The tone is very clear and pure as a vintage instrument should be. The bass is present and a bit hollow sounding, as a 80 year old Castellucia or Di Mauro, the mids have a thick yet dry tone, and the highs are incredibly powerful, cutting with the tone of Django’s earliest recordings for Ultraphone. This guitar has all the deluxe appointments and construction of a modern instrument, with a 30’s Django sound that is hard to come by in a new guitar, and is one of the last guitars Ger finished before he passed away.


Ger Boonstra was one of the finest Gypsy Jazz Luthiers in Europe. He passed away May 15, 2020.

At the heart of his various careers he was an engineer, and had incredible insight into how things worked and could be improved. From motorcycle engine tuning, shoe design, race bicycles and finally guitars, Ger mastered old world techniques and incorporated modern advances in technology to create instruments which were uniquely his. He had no interest in making direct copies, nor a standard model of guitar; he took the best from his years of experience repairing Favinos, Selmers and Busatos and applied his engineering spirit in the pursuit of improvement.



Brand Ger Boonstra
Type Heart-hole
Condition Good
Year ~
Origin Netherlands
Top Spruce
Back Laminated Bird’s Eye Maple
Sides Laminated Bird’s Eye Maple
Neck & headstock

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