The late Ger Boonstra had a long career as one of the leading Dutch luthiers of his time. Stochelo, Mozes Rosenberg, and Fapy Lafertin as well as many others, performed consistently through the last decade on Ger’s guitars.  He began in the late 1990s after hearing the Rosenberg trio, and this guitar is one of his earliest models we know of.

Slightly larger bodied, a la Favino, this early Boonstra oval hole has an especially deep tight bass, full punchy mids and very strong, cutting, yet rich highs. Ger was always changing and experimenting in his designs, though, if he continued to produce models like this, he wouldn’t have had any complaints.

As with all of his instruments, the structure and form of the guitar are very stable, though due to the age and proverbial “gypsy life”, Ger repaired a few minor cracks above the soundhole ( above a brace, which is very stable), and there are some dings and repaired sections of the upper back laminate. This was the last guitar Ger was repairing when he passed away, and he was happy to give it another life, as he was very pleased with the sound.

This instrument has a Spruce top, walnut neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Walnut back and sides and an early example of Ger’s replica Busato tailpiece.

After Ger’s passing, the price of his instruments has skyrocketed, and while this model is an excellent early example, the few cosmetic blemishes put it at a very affordable price for those looking to own one of Ger’s prototypes!


Ger Boonstra was one of the finest Gypsy Jazz Luthiers in Europe. He passed away May 15, 2020.

At the heart of his various careers he was an engineer, and had incredible insight into how things worked and could be improved. From motorcycle engine tuning, shoe design, race bicycles and finally guitars, Ger mastered old world techniques and incorporated modern advances in technology to create instruments which were uniquely his. He had no interest in making direct copies, nor a standard model of guitar; he took the best from his years of experience repairing Favinos, Selmers and Busatos and applied his engineering spirit in the pursuit of improvement.



Brand Ger Boonstra
Type Oval-hole
Condition Good
Year ~ Early 2000
Origin Netherlands
Top European Spruce
Back Laminated Walnut
Sides Laminated Walnut
Neck & headstock Walnut
Fretboard Rosewood

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