Ger Boonstra had a long career as one of the leading Dutch luthiers of his time. Stochelo, Mozes Rosenberg, and Fapy Lafertin as well as many others, performed consistently through the last decade on Ger’s guitars.  He began in the late 1990s after hearing the Rosenberg trio and had a career of over 25 years specializing in crafting Selmer type guitars.

This unique model is designed by Ger Boonstra for the movie “Django” which was launched in the cinema’s in 2017. The soundtrack for this film has been played in by Stochelo Rosenberg on this exact model. Ger just made 3 of these models and this is one of them. It’s slightly bigger then a normal Selmer and has a luxious look to it.  A beautiful one piece back of laminated Brazillian Rosewood. And very nice, high-end closed tuners. The darker stained neck brings the whole design together and make this guitar an eye-catcher. Ger was known for his creative approach and his great sense for sound and again it shows in this model. You can tell the instrument is made with great care and and eye for detail and we consider this one of Ger’s deluxe models. It plays with exceptional ease and has a great, well articulated, clear tone for soloing and a dry and compact sound for rhythm.

Haven’t you seen the movie “Django” (2017) just yet? You should, it’s amazing!(

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Brand Ger Boonstra
Model Django Movie
Type Oval-hole
Condition Good
Year ~ 2017
Origin Netherlands
Top Ceder
Back Brazilian Rosewood
Sides Brazilian Rosewood
Neck & headstock Stained Rosewood
Fretboard Ebony
Pickups Bigtone

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