In the world of Gypsy guitars few construction styles are as iconic as the Selmer oval hole or Maccaferri D hole, and rarely has an alternative held it’s place among these original designs.  One striking exception is Joseph ( the Elder)  Di Mauro’s Heart shaped soundhole, which has proved a lasting innovation in aesthetics and functionality.  This instrument is a excellent example of his legendary signature modifications to the gypsy jazz guitar.

Typically dated to the 1940’s, this Di Mauro has a warm vintage patina and wear commensurate with its many years. With aged birdseye maple back and sides, this guitar is a real beauty to look at, rivaling the tone of the instrument itself. The 680 scale length provides ample space for reaching those higher frets, as well as a very powerful projection of sound; the longer (than Selmer or Maccaferri) scale length delivers the vibrations more quickly to the top. When playing a chord, the whole body resonates as a speaker, cutting through in any live performance with ease.  The full, deep bass and low mids have an air like quality, which feels like you have a breathing instrument in your hands when you play; this one is alive! A Favino-esque flavor exists in the midrange, and gives a fat thick sound to your lines and chords, while the highs contain strong fundamentals and a bell like chime to them, crisp and cutting;  due to the woods used having dried evenly and uniformly together for almost 80 years. The hallmark of an old instrument like this is the dry bark with very little extra harmonic color; it’s like a time machine back to the 40’s.

Its increasingly rare to find a Heart hole Dimauro, especially in such fine condition, and this guitar is no exception; it’s an authentic work of an innovator in an otherwise realm of instrument design dominated by reproduction, and a fantastic sounding one to be sure!





Luthier Joseph Di Mauro
Model Hearthole
Condition Good
Year Around 1940
Origin France
Top Spruce
Back Laminated maple
Sides Laminated maple
Neck & headstock Mahogany/rosewood
Fretboard Rosewood
Pickups No
Case Yes

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