Rino Van Hooijdonk is renowned as one of the world’s best “gadjo” players in the traditional gypsy jazz style, Rino is also an excellent luthier, who’s guitars capture the very authentic Selmer sound.

The replica of Django’s famous Selmer 305 comes closest to the best Selmer oval hole’s we’ve heard. Rino is a master in giving new instruments this well saught-after vintage sound. Therefore Rino decided to have the top redone and replaced it with a new top made out of spuce that has been aging for over 40 years. And the result doesn’t lie; it’s a very authentic sounding, powerful yet singing instrument that you just can’t let go. This is type of guitar that makes Rino stand out as a luthier.

For more on Rino listen here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/070B9srm0ADedC8hFoE6Wk

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Brand Rino van Hooijdonk
Model Django Reinhardt Selmer 503
Type Oval-hole
Condition Good
Origin Netherlands
Top Spruce
Back Laminated Indian Rosewood
Sides Laminated Indian Rosewood
Neck & headstock Walnut
Fretboard Ebony
Pickups Built-in
Case Hardcase

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