Very rare and sought after Busato, a well known and recognized model, this same exact same model was played by Hono Winterstein with Birelli Lagrene at the Vienna Jazz Festival which made the reputation of this guitar. This example doesn’t have a label, but is unmistakably made by Busato, which you can recognize by the arched back, a three piece neck, and the very beautiful ornated pickguard. Every now and then you can find one of these guitars with either a Busato or a Sonora label. Sonora was a retail company who had guitars made for them by famous luthiers, like di mauro, castelluccia and in this case Busato.
This guitar is in complete original state which is not common these days. From the tuners to the tailpiece, nothing has been been replaced and that is what gives this guitar so much character. This guitar has been looked well after and been well maintained. Over the 70 years of his life the top has come down and therefore the characteristic bridge has been added some height and the bracing under the top has been reinforced. This has been done in a masterful way by luthier Leo Eimers, making sure it’s stable so it will not sink further. This maintenance work results in a very nicely playing guitar with a phenomenal vintage sound.

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Brand Sonora Busato
Type Roundhole
Condition Fair
Year ~1950
Origin France
Top European Spruce
Back Laminated walnut
Sides Laminated walnut
Neck & headstock Walnut
Fretboard Rosewood

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